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  • Courtney D.

    15 baby signs to teach baby (sign language)

  • *~TeL~*

    15 Signs to Teach Baby - baby sign language is a great tool to increase communication and connection with your child, whether you use ASL signs or signs you and your baby create together. Sometimes it feels like the most awesome parenting lifehack! :) / Colleen at

  • Steffani McGhie

    Baby Sign Language – 15 Easy Signs to Teach Baby. I will swear by how helpful it is to teach babies sign language.

  • Shaunna Silvey

    Teaching baby sign language can help better communicate with your child. Good idea!!

  • Rebekah Wright

    15 Signs to Teach Baby. Babies are able to sign before they have developed the verbal skills to communicate.

  • Brooke Sanchez

    Not just for babies. Kids that don't speak, would also benefit from theses. Teaching baby sign language

  • Marissa T-B
    • 3 years ago

    Since "Switched at Birth" shows actual sign language... what little I know is coming back to me. It's a great skill to have!

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baby sign language - we used to do these with my cousins :) that and ittsy bittsy yoga #yes I'm a dork!

i love this. i taught my little one signing and it was so helpful before she could talk and tell me what she wanted.

baby sign language. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

Advantages of teaching baby sign language - Our Thrifty Ideas

I would love to teach our babies sign language so they can communicate with us before they can talk! :)

Baby sign language? Yes. Do it. It is awesome! We started at 9 months with Baby A. Now she does 15-20 signs at 16 months. LOVE! Just start with keys words and build... no need to stress over it. We started with "milk" and added words as we found a use for them... Go for it, you will not regret doing it!