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  • Kim Denney

    flash mob .... before i die

  • Ayla Schreiber Living The Bucket List Life! be part of a flash mob

  • Morgan Berling

    be part of a flash mob. (friends with benefits)

  • Cristal Sayaseng

    Done but it was for my son's modeling thing. I would like to be a part of one in like NYC in the middle of Times Square like in the movie Friends With Benefits.

  • Tracy Gibson

    BUCKET part of a flash mob! Number one on my list!

  • Courtney Snow

    be part of a flash mob... life goal...

  • Katie O'Brien

    be part of a flashmob #flash #mob #bucketlist

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I don't think someone could pull it off but I want it to happen! (A good one not just like a family surprise party!)

Explore India - still want to fully do this. so many places still left to visit

Loved learning about the renaissance with my kids. We all voted that this is one place we would love to see.

bucket list: stand with one foot on one side of the equator and one on the other side.

This is only here for one reason. Everyone in Italy thought that since I'm American I must have been there before. I'm like, 'HEELLLLOO!! Nope! Never been"

Maybe one from a different country or different race.... Could see myself adopting a Deaf baby. :-)

This seems like a good old American thing to do... can you do this anymore? I don't even know...

A real one with all the fancy costumes, in a real magical setting. I also want our faces to be like, completely covered. Disney is so obvious, with their totally short masks! I want real masks!