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FixFood - Our antibiotics are not working because superbugs are now resistant. End routine farm use.

The same antibiotics used to treat sick people are also given to healthy animals — in much greater numbers — to make them grow faster and to compensate for overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. These practices are contributing to the emergence of drug-resistant superbugs that make infections more difficult and costly to treat. In 2011, more antibiotics were sold for use in meat and poultry production than ever before.

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What Does Organic Really Mean?

Great infographic on the meaning of 'Organic'

Veganism & the Environment By the Numbers Infographic

Una bella #Infografica su #batteri #lunchbox e #alimentazione che riprende il post di oggi via Food+Tech Connect

The toxins we are feeding our children.


How to Choose the Healthiest Meats

How to Choose the Leanist Meats

Take Part Infographic: What's missing from your plate? The hidden costs of the farm bill.

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11 Food Companies That Won't Tell You Where Their Meat Comes From

More about GMO free food at How to avoid GMOs when shopping, how to avoid cooking GMOs for holiday meals, how to avoiid GM salmon,GM corn, Genetially modified soy,. Monsanto produces genetically modified food and herbicides, Monsanto’ s glyphosate-Roundup, Monsanto Wants You to Believe These 8 Myths about Pesticides

Fall food guide

Fall food guide

Fall food guide