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Niall and Liam were mobbed in NYC yesterday. (27/5) Liam got his shirt ripped and Niall accidentally got punched in the face. Seriously, this is not how directioners should act. We should respect the boys' space, not attack them. poor boys!

this is what Louis DM’ed to a "fan" after she called Eleanor an immigrant and told Obama to deport her... the sass master strikes again! GO LOU<3

IM SORRY BUT THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS. why are you guys hating on zayn javaad malik? what has he ever done to you? he's just a human being just like us. just because he's a muslim doesn't mean he's a terrorist which doesn't mean that he's NOT a human. WELL GUESS WHAT. HE'S NOT A TERRORIST. STOP THE HATE!! THIS IS GETTING SO OUT OF HAND. I seriously believe that plastic bieber started all of this. We must END it. But she could always get another account... What shall we do? Comment below!

niall’s gonna be singing don’t forget where you belong in the country he belongs in with the boys he belongs with i’m not crying you’re crying