True stuff!

Going to McDonald's for a salad is like going to a whore for a hug.

So freakin true! Here it is @Julie Pulliam

OMG this made me laugh. I'll start a wedding board soon. JUST to put up things for my imaginary wedding lol

Adventures in crafting, cooking, and couponing!: Fab fall finds for less!

I have good taste, but I don't have the money to prove it I like to think I do at least. STORY OF MY LIFE.

it was cute until he opened his mouth again after 'awwww'. he ruined it. lol

A bunch of funny text messages. Screen captures of text message fails, auto correct and more. So funny.


Let's get drunker than Snooki's fetus tonight. Becker this is so wrong, but i did laugh out loud

Always forward chain letters.

Always forward chain letters.

I hate when I forget to forward a chain letter. and DIE the next day!

lmaaaaaooooooo !!!!!

Balloons are so weird."Happy Birthday, here's a plastic sack of my breath." So use it wisely.

Wow that’s a nice lookin’ pair of Crocs!

Wow that’s a nice lookin’ pair of Crocs! This is for my hatred of Crocs!

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: I don't sugar coat bitch, do I look like fucking Willy Wonka?

Lol this is so true in my life. to bad people can't take the truth!

I want to say this to someone out of anger one day because I feel like it would lighten the mood in a heated situation. hahaha

Maybe you should eat makeup so you can try and be pretty on this inside, bitch!

Diary of a Nursing Student

I save all of my homework for the last minute because then I'll be older, therefore more wise. Sounds like me!