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Y por eso siempre le digo a michelle que los jueguitos son para niños y papá no puede subirse

Judith Zissman de Munck Baker-Beno had to pin this for you. a kitty with a hidden mickey. too perfect :)

laughter makes people happy so we put this onto the page as we originally had a laughing baby in our script.

haben-sie-das-gew... Puppy takes a cat nap in the leaves!

I seriously died both from cute overload and how awesome tumblr constantly is.

HahahaHaha that last picture... I can't.(:

Embrace the fever of the summer sun with the cool rebuff of exquisite eyewear. Raise the attraction with attractive eyewear. Keep the youth of your eyes under the protection of stylish sunglasses!

This link does not provide a pattern, but I could probably design something similar myself.

Stranger Danger Fail. I have a sneaking suspicion that this would be my kid if I ever have one....

hahaha....wait, i've been that drunk before....haaaaahahahahahaaaa!!