A website that is made up entirely of free lessons and tips.

Corkboard Connections: Favorite FREE Teacher Websites

FREE Superhero Nameplates - SO cute AND they are free! LOVE!!!

This is a great website! There are over 150 digital books! ALL FREE!

elementary school teacher websites

62 Kindergarten Websites That Tie into Classroom Lessons

Summer Project! "Don't waste time sifting through piles of worksheets - save yourself the headache and create a “master book,” a tool that organizes all your papers and keeps them all in one place. Tackle your mound of papers by sorting through each one, tossing what you don't need and keeping one copy of every important worksheet. Place them in a 3-ring binder with dividers for each month."

Great classroom rules and gestures to go along.

Behavior Management TIps and free printables.

FREE customizable lesson plan. Save in word...and you can customize!

A whole website with great ideas about organization and lessons

Teach123 - tips for teaching elementary school: Selective Mutism Tips. Plus a link to ASHA's resources about Selective Mutism

a year of many firsts: Ready Made for Second Grade! Free Websites for kids

The Crumpled Piece of Paper

Lots of resources. All ages groups. Printables and PDF. Free

Tips for motivating students plus FREE printable.

Ideas for teaching citizenship plus FREE printables


different sets of letters and numbers (printable and Free) Great for organizing a classroom