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Friendship is a beautiful and wonderful thing!: And if you’re extra fuzzy = adorable

it depends on which if my friends... real friends, yes ish-friends, probably fake friends, no. because I'd be the one who hired the assassin 😏😼👹

Sarah is wonderful. So is Ellen. She is such a kind hearted woman who truly uses her fame for good.


This is real love…


'A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile. ' via mylifemychoicemyvoide via lessonslearnedinlife. #Cartoon #Quotation #Friendship


They Weren’t So Serious After All



Very long...But worth the read

Wow. This is a very touching story, worth reading! No one realizes what a small random act of kindness can do for a person in a rough time. oh my goodness this is incredible

Sisters- so true about me and Tori!!! She is not only my best friends for life but my sister! Wouldn't trade her for anything!

friendship quotes | Tumblr - Be very selective when it comes to choosing friends. People now a days don't know the true meaning of friendship Loyalty!