DIY: Jewelry organization using peg board. this saves so much desk space! @Mellissa Gumpper and @Rhiane Johnson .... Leilei wants for Christmas!!

Use peg board, spray paint it any color then you can move the knob to whatever length you need, what a great display!

Old picture frames with hooks to hang necklaces, bracelets and on the sides more hooks to place costume rings.....if only I had more wall space

Peg board organization

We found that you need about 1/2 in space behind the peg board to slide the hooks in and out without scratching up the wall behind it. We cut up some extra wood we had into appro. 2in squares and used those behind the peg board along with a washer in front to keep the screws from going through the soft peg board material.


peg board in the closet

diy jewelry organizers

jewelry organizer diy

Peg Board Accessory Station

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