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    • Kellie Riley

      Oriental Shrimp Sandwich Roll from 1967. I just threw up in my mouth imagining all that cream cheese.

    • Sherry Land

      Shrimp Sandwich Roll aka log of vomit My hasn't food photography come a long way!

    • fatty patty

      Oriental Shrimp Sandwich Roll. Is it the green olive that makes it oriental?

    • LivysAttic

      Shrimp Sandwich Roll | 21 Truly Upsetting Vintage Recipes. VILE!

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    crocheted beard

    Leech crawling on the lid of the leech jar at the Apothecary Shop. Devices used for the medical practice of bleeding are in the foreground. 18th Century scene at historic Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Virginia. Photo by David M. Doody.

    Oscar Mayer canned wieners in brine. This may actually be the first meal you have when you get to hell.

    I hated these things | Clackers are a toy which was popular in the late 1960s & early 70s. They consisted of two plastic spheres suspended on string which were swung up/down so they banged against each other, making a clacking sound.

    Okay...This is square bologna, scooped out. The filling is mashed peas, mayo, gelatin,and minced onions, and stuffed inside. That's right...Baloney and mashed pea jello brick. You're Welcome.

    Cheese-filled lettuce. Good Housekeeping, August 1961

    Oriental Shrimp Sandwich Roll from 1967. Notice the "icing" This probably tastes good, but the olive ...I swear it's looking at me...daring me to take a bite.

    Creamed Veggie filled Pancakes with Canned Peach Garnish.


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    A baby formula Keurig! For the mom who has everything!

    Why the Internet Sucks You in Like a Black Hole: Scientific American


    Pikachu skimask

    Ugh. | 12 ct THE TWILIGHT SAGA Cake Balls Cake Pops by CakeWorksbyJen, $24.95 including shipping ANYWHERE in the US!

    seriously? Toilet Seat Scale Tells You How Much Weight Is Lost After You Take A Poo

    dumb: The Walker's Path Illuminating Belt - Perfect for runners and walkers!

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