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  • Kellie Riley

    Oriental Shrimp Sandwich Roll from 1967. I just threw up in my mouth imagining all that cream cheese.

  • Sherry Land

    Shrimp Sandwich Roll aka log of vomit My hasn't food photography come a long way!

  • Nicole Hill

    Just.... no. Shrimp Sandwich Roll | 21 Truly Upsetting Vintage Recipes

  • Mark Myers

    7 More Disgusting Foods Your Grandparents Ate (Taste-Tested) |

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Surprise! Sad cheese sauce over deviled ham sauce. Hey there are boiled onions for a special surprise ;((

At first glance it appears to be dessert. Look closer and discover the wonders of the shrimp parfait. I just love Pepto Bismol pink food.

love the stacking of boards and the use of paper to wrap these beautiful sandwiches. Love, love, love

The BEST orange sweet rolls on ...these are super soft and melt in your mouth! Plus some of my favorite The Pampered Chef tools.

Pillsbury's Bake Off Main Dish Cookbook, 1968. (Kill it! Kill it with fire!!)

garden veggie sandwich- Follow #SightApp and save an entire article or recipe by 1 screenshot (Check How:

Bean Boat! A hot dog bun filled with kidney beans tossed with Miracle gloopy glop. Or "How to Eat in 2012"

I remember mother and grandmother even tinted the cream cheese on the

From the French Cooking Hall Of Horrors, desperate shrimp try to escape from the Sea Of Parsley. (And again, I can hear Kathy screaming all the way from Philadelphia...)

Shrimp And Potato Salad. Those two just don't go together.

Sandwich Fantasy. Serving Size: One Fantasy Per Dinner Guest. For Dessert, Yogurt Parfaits. (The Simply Fabulous Cookbook, 1964)