Orchid bob

The Orchid Bob, 1920s

The Orchid Bob, 1920s

The Orchid Bob, 1920s

The Orchid Bob, 1920s

1920s dress

1920s dress

The Bob

1920s fashion

Pink Dress 1920s

1920s Beaded Flapper Dress

Chemise - It is an undergarment worn by women. They were now much shorter and more narrow, following the silhouette of women’s dresses. This particular one is made of blue silk "crêpe de Chine" with lace insertion.

Coconut Bob

bob with bangs

1920s Cloche

Edwardian Baby Shoes

1950's (love this)

cool edgy bob with bangs.

Great lines and colors on this 1920s fashion plate create such fun styles! #vintagefashion

Windswept Bob - extreme hair! Personally I find it hard to distinguish whether the sitter had a rough journey to the photographers or has overdone the "Windswept" part of the look. Perhaps it serves to prove that an attractive face can get away with anything. This style was very popular at the time and has a place in hairstyle history.