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Brushedback Bob -The Brushed-Back bob and the Eton crop were both styles which looked very attractive when worn by women with delicate features. Easy to maintain and easy to wear under a cloche hat, it was a popular style in its day.

Anna May Wong. really interesting snood showing how long hair could have that bob look. If anyone has attribution for the image, or the date, please let me know-- I tried tineye, but had no luck.

Cloche - It is a popular style of hat worn by women during the time. They often fit close to the head and went hand in hand with the Bob hairstyle of the day. The word cloche means ‘bell’ in French.

twenties Egyptian bob hairstyle -This variant of the Bob took its name from its similarity to hairstyles seen in Egyptian art, notably the thin straight fringe. The discovery of Tutenkamun's tomb in 1922 influenced most areas of Art and fashion, especially jewelry.