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Takeoffs at Hannover Airport. (multiple exposure shot with DSLR)


Awesome Christmas card photo.

Awesome Ebook - Learn the ins and outs of taking awesome photographs with everyday camera by B.

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Sharky Tea Infuser by Pablo Matteoda: Yikes! via designboom #Tea_Infuser #Pablo_Matteoda #Shark

chromatic typewriter. paints a picture with colored keys and actually works!

Thomas Hooper. Had the pleasure of meeting this incredible and original artist. I'd love to get work done by him someday. Too booked to take on new work for now.

cute 1 year shot

How to get the best fireworks shot. [Tips by Juan Sicardi] Use a tripod, manual focus set to infinity, ISO 100-400 (experiment what works best for you), apertures at and above f/8 and long shutter speeds (1-6 seconds). Take a LOT of shots, using a remote control or delayed exposure to avoid camera shake. Shots from my 1st fireworks shootout on Victoria day; approx 200 meters from the fireworks. [Image from piscuison's Fireworks Flickr stream]

now this is a good one. It's not a tired looking engagement shot. You can feel what you're supposed to feel.

This little technique makes it EASY to get rid of the tourists in your travel shots!


Meet the newest DSLR camera from Canon, the EOS 70D 20.2MP.

Misunderstanding Focus by Nerhol is a collection of portraits which express the passage of time through our inability to stay still. Each portrait is a composite of multiple shots taken over a 3 minute period. Despite the subject model being asked to remain still, it's impossible to do so. via spoon-taago.com #Photography #Nerhol

25 shots this #photographer took of a creature we seldom think about. #Photography #nature #Snails #Macro

What's your photography style? If it's portrait, we've got you covered! http://bit.ly/1rLq12X


Love this!!

London in Puddles by Gavin Hammond. S)

"Running from wind" by brookeshaden