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G.A.A.M. Fokker Triplane powered by a 80 Le Rhone rotary engine. Paul Dougherty is the pilot

Albatros,a wooden monococque figther powered by inline six Austro Daimler, 200 HP. Germany, WW1.

Here we are reporting from the Verdun battlefield. The Imperial German Air Corps is again trying to gain air supremacy. A full gaggle of Triplanes!

A photo album from the First World War has been discovered, illustrating the difficulties and dangers of the earliest days of fligh

Airplanes were used on both sides and proved useful. Pilots started throwing heavy objects down into the trenches but moved to firing from machine guns and launching bombs.

WWI Red Baron Triplane - we have an unusual sky hook featuring the #RedBaron in his plane on our website (

FRENCH AIRCRAFT FIRST WORLD WAR (Q 67932) SPAD S.VIII single seat fighter biplane. Fitted with rocket containers.