30 great places to buy inexpensive fabric online. GREAT to know.

How to make your own clothing labels!!!! This is the most exciting thing I have ever found on Pinterest! I've wanted to get labels to put on the stuff I sew, but they are expensive to have printed!

Great fabric site.

8 places to buy fabric

→❤♥…… DIY fabric covered cork - you could do a mixed wall of framed photos and fabric panels

1. Google any silhouette 2. Print on colored paper 3. Cut them out 4. Place in frame..cute, could do either boy or girl pics

I won't have to buy bows now!

: How to Sew Fabric Bowl Covers

photo tutorial ... Japanese clothe flower ... Pretty flower diy ... sweet!! You would know this as "petals on a string" if you have ever studied with me!

How to square up fabric...everyone needs to know this

Beautiful fabrics and colors

From duct tape to fabric scraps, here are 20 crafts that cost almost nothing to make!-Great for craft summer camp

The Kenneth King Hem - fabulous technique for a narrow hem. You can pull the paper out after pressing the the two folds, then sew the hem down. It is a time saver. There's also a link for narrow hems on fine fabrics....like chiffon...my nemesis.

How to applique a T-shirt, I use an Elmer's glue stick instead of Heat-N-Bond, works great! Also change sewing needle to blue when sewing knit fabrics!

Thanks to @Heidi Ferguson, you'll always be confident in the fabric you buy. This great tutorial shows you everything from where you can buy fabric to how to coordinate it into a beautiful new quilt pattern.

Stop wasting money on disposable swiffer wet jet pads! These are machine washable, use them over and over!

EXCELLENT bias strip tutorial! Start with relatively small square of fabric, so you have no waste or ackward pieces of fabric left over. I'VE DONE IT. REALLY WORKS!

Super Simple, Cotton & Minky Blanket. Only takes about 30 minutes (and straight lines!) Perfect for gifts all year 'round!- PLUS: link to buy great minky fabric

A ton of ideas for DIY Fabric Flower Pins, buttons, and clips