Office + Work Gifts

6pc Syringe Highlighter Pens with 6 Colors Home Style,

Order of Draw retractable pens - Package of 10

Awesome Nurse Heels!! (Would be great for graduation and pinning. Then put in a display case in the office)

Don't have a paper? Use the pen and sprayer. Spray on hand, write note, peal off.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Phlebotomy Pen~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the perfect gift for the Phlebotomist! On the background chart is a syringe, tiny vials of

Gel pens



Human hearts: 1. Shot in the Heart 2. Cancer Heart 3. Teen Drug Overdose Heart 4. Fatty Oversized Heart - Imgur


The phlebotomy order of draw can be confusing. So, we've outlined the exact six steps you should take, so that you never make any mistakes again.


Heart Disease

One pass through CleanPen and your pen is sanitized. No more germs! Great infection control product for great hygiene!

Combination Pen/Pen Light with Pupil Gauge


phlebotomy tubes tourniquet needle hub order of draw!


Be nice to me... I may be your nurse someday!!!! Remember...catheters and needles come in sizes that I choose!!!!!