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Western Dressage Basic Test 1

I can't watch this video without tearing up!

Cowboy Dressage | Boxes, Cones & Letter Sets | Eitan Beth-Halachmy Designs The Official Eitan Beth-Halachmy Cowboy Dressage Arena is here! Combining the best of both worlds.

How to teach a horse to lay down naturally (without ropes) ~ Tutorial! - YouTube

The Shallow loop is an exercise that teaches your horse to bend in both directions while laying the ground work for lateral exercises

8 Tips for Training Your Horse to Stand Quietly When Tied

Think of your hands being in front of the saddle and always pushing the horse to the bit, not pulling the horse back. @SMRequestrian stylemyride.net

Glue your butt to the saddle with these 3 exercises.

I so love this video that I have to repost- Hip Hop Dressage - Must Watch This! Goosebumps, really.

Cavaletti Training for Horses with Erika Jansson, Dressage Trainer

The Leg Aids

THIS IS MAGNIFICENT......LOVE IT!!!!!! A MUST WATCH with screen enlarged and headphones on.....ENJOY

Western Dressage Exercise – Ground Pole Square

Teach a Horse to Side Pass on the Ground - Part 2 - YouTube

A common mistake made by beginning riders is that the range of the trot is slow to fast, when the scale actually goes small to large.This is why most first and some second level tests we see usually have horses running rather than lengthening. It is not about the speed of the gait but the size of it.

Ok, well maybe I sit a little. ;)

Fantastic information on how the bit fits in a horse's mouth

Learn about groundwork exercises for the dressage horse with Uta Gräf.

Training for Lead Changes A lead change is one of the most complicated maneuvers we do with a horse, says AQHA Professional Horseman Michael Colvin. If you go to the world of dressage, for example, lead changes are done only in the upper levels of training. For some horses, it’s naturally easier for them to do – they’re a little more athletic. Learn the steps for asking your horse for a lead change: http://americashorsedaily.com/wp-content/uploads/BAT-Colvin-changing-leads.jpg

western dressage gaits

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