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    By far the coolest dressage performance I have every seen. "Horse Dancing" at it its finest. And if you don't know horses, this stuff is incredibly hard.

    How to teach a horse to lay down naturally (without ropes) ~ Tutorial! - YouTube

    Western Dressage Basic Level Test 1 - YouTube

    These exercises will help you achieve a square halt in your next dressage test.

    Indigo Crossing

    dressage horse conformation


    Teaching reining spins. This is such a good video! It makes sense and I think I'm gonna try this....not just for spins but everything I do.

    Dressage - Beautiful capture.

    How to Train a Horse to Stop & Back Up - Basics of sliding stop for rein...

    Western Dressage Exercise – Arena Intervals | Western Dressage Association of America

    This is the best video I could find about proper saddle's amazing how so many people don't worry about how well their saddle fits their horse! VERY IMPORTANT!

    Dressage training exercise

    10 Simple Tricks to Teach Your Horse - basic tricks that can lead to more complicated tricks.

    Western Show Horse

    Something good to know - Best Cinch Size for Your Horse

    A common mistake made by beginning riders is that the range of the trot is slow to fast, when the scale actually goes small to large.This is why most first and some second level tests we see usually have horses running rather than lengthening. It is not about the speed of the gait but the size of it.

    Interesting article about how pelvis conformation affects dressage performance

    Walk in fence

    Training horse not to walk off when mounting - Clinton Anderson The only time I have been put on the ground was because of this problem. My horse ran off when I only had one foot in the stirrup.