Simplified Photography guide with photo cheat sheets LOTS of cheat sheets!

Top 10 Best Professional Photography Cameras 2013 #Top10- LOVE my K-5, #5 spot oh yeah!

Manual exposure mode cheat sheet. Learn other great photography tips at

Just look at these lovelies...arent they much potential

Photo Cheat Sheet

Photography for Beginners - a series of posts (starting on January 19th) to help you take better pictures!

Understanding exposure - a precursor

Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet ~ by @capturebylucy

99designs Shortcut Cheat Sheet: Adobe Photoshop

Learn exactly what you need to put your camera skills to work for you and start your own photography business.

Shutter Speed: an overview | Boost Your Photography

Great links to how to info. I could spend the rest of my days going through the list. Time, I need time.

More cheat sheets! | CheekyLime | Stylish Camera Bags | Designer DSLR Bag For Women

Backlighting Cheat Sheet

Photography Filters | A Guide for Where, When and How to Use Them [Infographic]

Camera Metering Modes Cheat Sheet by Shot Rockers

Professional photography gear - tips and tools. This is what a actual photographer uses.

Camera Exposure Guide.

Mum's giving me her old canon for this summer! #vintage

photography exposure wheel