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The Neuroscience of Calming a Baby by Christopher Bergland,psychologytoday: Why a calm and relaxed infant will often begin crying immediately when he or she is put down. #Babies #Calming #Neuroscience


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15 Baby Gadgets You'll Really Use

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50 Simple Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter

50 simple ways to promote infant development

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Teach Your Baby to Sleep (In Just 7 Days)

Sleep train your baby in 7 days. I'll need this as a refresher. Our daughter slept through the night at 6.5 weeks thanks to this - we started it with her at 5 weeks. We'll do it with the next one, too!

VERY interesting read... Ways to carry your baby and how it effects your their development. New Moms: Please read this, so you don't have to come see me. Love, your child's Physical Therapist. Research-based information on the effects of strollers, buggies, papooses and swaddling as well as the benefits of proper baby-wearing. This is a fascinating read!

How to teach your baby to swim by themselves, an activity list for 6-12 month olds. Fun, gentle, and easy! #baby #swimming #activities #summer.. Good exercises... Mrs. Priss already going under! :) :)

Prenatal to Parenting: Listening to Our Babies "If you pay attention you’ll notice that babies often try to communicate their needs long before they resort to crying." Here are some tips to help you catch & understand your baby's cues before they start crying.

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31 Products Every Parent Of A Growing Child Will Want

This baby tooth album is a nice way to display and save baby teeth. | 31 Products Every Parent Of A Growing Child Will Want