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JOSEPHINE COCHRANE 1839-1913. In the 1870s, after her servants chipped some of the dishes ,while washing them, Cochrane refused to let them handled the china any more. One morning while up to her elbows in soap suds, she had an epiphany. Why not invent a dish washing machine? She received her first patent on the Garis-Cochran Dish-Washing Machine December 28, 1886. In 1916, her company was bought out by Hobart which became KitchenAid and is now Whirlpool Corporation.

Dr. Bethenia Owens, the West Coast's First Female Doctor. Amazing story. Married at 14, she tolerated a worthless husband for 4 years, until in 1858, he “whipped my baby (who was around 24 months old at the time) unmercifully, and struck and choked me.” Then she left him. And became an extremely hard working woman, teaching and dressmaking, sending her son George to Berkley when he was 14. He became a doctor. And then, she did too.

ELIZABETH BLACKWELL (1821 – 1910) First Female Doctor Elizabeth Blackwell applied to thirteen medical schools. She was rejected outright from every one of them because she was a woman. Finally, the faculty of Geneva College in upstate New York (now Hobart College) asked the students to decide Blackwell’s fate. They unanimously agreed to admit her because they thought her application was a joke. In 1846, Blackwell matriculated, and she graduated two years later, the first woman to…

Victoria Woodhull -1st woman to operate a brokerage on Wall St, 1st woman to run a newspaper, 1st woman to run for President in 1872 - she was nominated by the Equal Rights Party but there were legalities with her nomination and disagreement about her candidacy. The issues -the government declined to put her name on the ballot, she was younger than the constitutionally mandated age of 35, women could not legally vote until Aug. 1920 & she was a woman, she received zero electoral & popular…

Harvey Samuel Firestone  (December 20, 1868  –  February 7, 1938) Firestone was a  businessman, and the founder of the Firestone Tire and Rubber  Company in Akron, Ohio, one of the first global makers of automobile tires. In 1973, Firestone was posthumously inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame.

Harriet Williams Russell Strong - 1844-1926 Inventor of dam and reservoir construction consisting of a series of dams, one behind the other, to be constructed in a valley, canyon. It was a flood remedy in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado river to conserve water and irrigate and also generate electricity!

Оmelyan Kovch (1884 — 1944) was a Ukrainian Greek-Catholic priest. In December 30, 1943 he was arrested by the Gestapo for harboring Jews, specifically for providing Jews with more than 600 baptismal certificates. In August 1943 after refusing to sign a pledge about refusing to help others he was deported to Majdanek. On March 25, 1944 he was gassed at Majdanek concentration camp (official cause of death - phlegmon).

Harriet Williams Strong was the primary innovator of dry land irrigation and water conservation techniques in late 19th century southern California. With no formal engineering or business school training, she became a renowned inventor, agricultural entrepreneur, civic leader, philanthropist, and advocate of women's rights and women's higher education.

She did the unthinkable—divorcing the powerful leader of the Mormon Church, a man labeled a “living prophet” who was believed to speak directly with God. But Ann Eliza Young could not tolerate her position as “Wife No. 19” to Brigham Young, and in her rebellion, she exposed the horrors of polygamy. She was born Ann Eliza Webb on September 3, 1844, in Nauvoo, Illinois, a settlement founded by Mormons. Her father, Chauncey, was a carriage maker who would eventually—reluctantly at…