January 1977

I was a few 3 weeks old when this happen, my mom said we couldnt go any where for a couple weeks...:)

Where were you? Aug. 16th 1977.

The Rotor was a common ride that unfortunately has all but vanished from parks. This is the barrel that pins you to the wall while the floor drops!

I remember this!

Talking into a fan. Yes, I remember this! And I'd do it again.

I remember Shakeys!

Top songs 1972; Wow- how many of these do you remember the words to? Back when AM radio was king and very diverse. I remember most of these.

Ahh the memories.....

1974 WRAPPLES AD. I was just trying to remember what these were called!

Cost of Living

Made in Germany 1977 - wow didn't know this was a German thing. I remember my parents and me playing this in the pre-computer games era.

Retainer--OMG--I hated this thing but it did the job--

dust bowl

Polio vaccine in a sugar cube! I remember that!

Teeny Little Super Guy

Remember these!

The Little Professor!

Shorthand.....I had this class in high school.

Remember these

you chewed them to see how well you did brushing your teeth! We were given these when the dental folks visited our school.