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My first lunch box; it was metal and had a plastic thermos that ALWAYS leaked. But, I loved it!

Lunchboxes This was a big decision; every school year I needed a new one because mine had rusted out.

Sesame Street (pre Elmo) - my first show and this was my first lunch box!!! Loved it!!!

My old yellow vinyl Laugh-In lunch box - sock it to me!

school lunch from the 50's. Oh if we only knew, we would've taken such better care! I like how the ad calls the thermos a vacuum bottle.

antique lunch boxes | Vintage Reese's Tin Lunch Box by CrimsonVintique on Etsy

Lunch Box! Fisher Price Little_people vintage... 4 inches wide..... fits 1 hard boiled egg, 1/8 of a pita, 6-8 sticks of celery and/ or carrots in mini thermos