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make a scratch art creature - make a ddrawing , outline with black glue, colour in sections with coloured oil pastel, paint sections with dark coloured paint, when each section is scratched, the colour combinations will look brilliant!maybe background is painted black?

Chalk Cityscape: You really can’t go wrong with bright, blended chalk pastel on black construction paper. I love how the buildings and moon glow. Cut out the buildings on separate paper, place it on the black construction paper, and use the chalk pastels to shade around the buildings. Once you remove the buildings, you’ll be left with this glowing outline.

a faithful attempt: Chalk Pastel Glue Line Eggs. Use clear elmer's for shiny black lines! can also do with pumpkins for fall

His Mercy is Newfrom His Mercy is New

Circle & Pastel Art Project

our awesome art project using cups, black paint and oil pastels! Simple art project!

Oil Pastel "Batiks"- glue on black paper Student design image with white glue---like an O'keeffe inspired flower, let dry and colour with oil pastels, use value shading technique.---any grade level

glue line pastel; have kids make a design in pencil on black paper, trace with glue (white or colored), let dry, color in with pastels OR with chalk (might be cheaper)

Chalk Moonscapes: Using 12 x 18 black construction paper, third graders sketched a landscape design with hills or mountains and a moon surrounded by concentric circles. They applied glue lines to cover the pencil lines. When dry, they applied chalk pastels for color, using cool colors for the sky and mostly warm colors for the land. The finished pieces turned out quite beautifully with the saturated chalk colors. It was worth all the dust!