Abstract landscapes

chalk pastels - warm, cool landscapes

Chalk pastel landscapes: Did this last year and they were great!

Great tutorial for pastel chalk bubbles. These are beautiful! Lower elementary ages and up. Homeschool

chalk pastel Easter eggs

clear glue on black paper and chalk pastels

6th Graders Warm/Cool Landscape Project using chalk pastels. (Not sure if this piece is from a student, a teacher, or who?)

ChumleyScobey Art Room: 3rd Grade: Ted Harrison Landscape with Chalk Pastels

Ted Harrison landscapes with glue and chalk.

ARTipelago: Beautiful Banyan Trees!

mixed media self-portraits

Blog post that takes you through my watercolor technique landscape lesson. A great lesson for beginning artists that builds confidence.

Picasso portraits-oil pastels collage

ARTipelago: Beautiful Banyan Trees! have this lesson- use oil pastels?

Color, collage, and much more: Farmland landscapes using perspective

Folk Art Landscapes

Intro to pastels for kids: blending with oil pastels. I teach blending, but have never offered an activity sheet to practice like this... It make be very useful for differentiation, to help students that may otherwise struggle with understanding blending. It could also act as a means of assessment to gauge their understanding.

Warm and cool landscapes

Chalk Cityscape: You really can’t go wrong with bright, blended chalk pastel on black construction paper. I love how the buildings and moon glow. Cut out the buildings on separate paper, place it on the black construction paper, and use the chalk pastels to shade around the buildings. Once you remove the buildings, you’ll be left with this glowing outline.

Textured landscapes

Black glue and watercolor. I think I may have already pinned this... But what the hey.