Beautiful Type have reached the step of 10.000 followers on Tumblr! (Well, more than 11.000 right now woot! thats a bunch of type lovers!). So, we just wanted to say a big: Thank you to our fellow readers! The illustration above have been drawn my colleague and friend Francis Chouquet, designer, writer, and CEO of Peaxl, with whom we run this blog since more than a year. Dont hesitate to follow him on Dribbble! Rough by melvastype.

New York - Type Illustration by Raul Alejandro , via Behance

type - lettering by Tim Bontan

This type is beautifully drafted. It looks sort of like an arial view of a very industrial city. I am not sure what it is saying, but when I look at it, I look at it as a drawing, so not knowing what it says doesn't bother me.

lettering typography

Very difficult, but it looks so cute!

dashing dish typography


Hand Lettering

Hand Drawn Type (Designed by Drew Melton) typography design lettering


I continue with the addiction to typography. Must be all the years I spent as a writer? Don't know, but I cannot get enough....

letter, package, envelope, hand lettered, type, typography, Correspondence, hand lettered envelope

#Design_Inspiration | Best of Boston | Created for Boston Magazine in 2012 by the always #inspirational Jordan Metcalf

Remarkable Typogrpahy Designs for Inspiration - 27 Examples - 10