Hells yeah! You must drive Ford! (I drive a Nissan tho)

Wish you were here | AIGA Detroit

Michigan. Born & Raised and an Original Native...Sault Tribal Member.


The best is yet to come! God has NEVER stopped MOVING in Detroit! Look out Cleveland, Houston and Atlanta! HE never makes mistakes, people do! He is only setting us up for A COMEBACK!! Don't get caught SLEEPING on this one! Invest, Invest, Invest!!!

Imported from Detroit

I'm not from Detroit, I'm from Flint, but we don't keep calm there either.

50 Things To Do With Kids Around Detroit Before They Grow Up

ray bradbury.

Story from the @Detroit Free Press on Michigan's oldest lighthouse (including printable PDF map of all of Michigan's lighthouses)

You Know You're From Michigan When...

It becomes this burning, insatiable need that claws at you from the inside. And the more you travel, the worse it becomes, because what you end up doing is leaving a little piece of your heart & soul for the cities you’ve been to. And the urge to go back or to go find them again will make you hollow. #wanderlust #travel

So true! Love traveling

Haha true story

Chicago <3

all the time!


<3 so true!!!