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Le Corbusier painting nude. The huge scar on his thigh came from an injury caused by the propeller blade of a yacht that cut him as he was swimming in the Mediterranean in Monaco.

Le Corbusier meets Albert Einstein

Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, Le Secret, Eglantine et Laurence, Paris 1979

Jean Paul Belomndo and Anna Karina on the set of Pierrot le fou directed by Jean-Luc Godard, 1965

Etiopia, Le tribù della valle de l'OMO

Reagon at church smoking.Bad boy!They shouldn't even be taking him to church.It was on the 9th episode.It was his first time going to church.

smoke.....Sometimes I do miss this!

aurorae: Le giling giling du kanzashi (by Stéphane Barbery)