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xiao wen’

~ beautiful Kurdish girl ~

Love is the beauty of the soul. St.Augustine - ♀ ♀ #beautiful #women

Though my board is dedicated to blacks w/ freckles, I had to post her to my board b/c her freckles are amazing! #face #freckles.

So many pictures of women from Nepal are ornamental. The dresses are beautiful and ornate, but there is a simple and natural beauty to this girl. It may seem grey next to the colorful women of Teej, but arguably the most beautiful picture yet.

Look at these eyes!

Face of man

Beautiful people of the world. Freckles

Middle Eastern girl - again, this unusual colouring, with the striking pale eyes. I knew I wanted one of my characters to look like this. Originally she was a girl. Then she became a man. But he's still just as unique and beautiful :) #glossyboxoriginalbeauty

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Joyful smile of an elderly Balinese woman

"In her Eyes" | by Valerio Zanicotti Beautiful Women

...beautiful eyes!

Such a cute little face ... and just look at those beautiful eyes.!

“My boy, when the devil cannot reach us through the spirit… He creates a woman beautiful enough to reach us through the flesh.” ~Sensuelle's Picture Book~

Only 2% of humans have red hair. A sexy redhead is good to find! - 1% of those red heads have blue eyes, making them as rare as a four leaf clover.

This beautiful model, a burn survivor, did this photo shoot to (in her own words), "prove that scars do not change a person, they make that person who they become." Amazingly brave and beautiful.

Beautiful eyes, beautiful details, beautiful light and beautiful shot!