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Brush guide > I know my brushes, but it is good to have a guide. Just in case I want to use them as I "should."

How to Draw - Study: Drawing Fabric Types with Wrinkles and Folds for Comic / Manga Panel Design Reference.

This is precisely how my paintbrushes are stored. I keep a pic of my grandmother next to them who was an artist, she made a good living doing oil portraits in her time. I keep a bottle of oil for cleaning, and A tin cup to dump the oil in. :D Wonderful

Paint brushes! On a slightly deeper note, it's amazing to think that the work of art has a permanent impact on the very instrument that creates it :)

Brushes - a good way to keep the writing juices flowing is to take a break, and enjoy creating in a different way.

Art is what makes me who I am. I had to stand up against my parents to be able to follow my dreams. Independence and creativity!

Chinese brush painting brushes and a beautiful brush holder!!

cute idea for old dried up paintbrushes. Or a greeting card for "let's paint the town...." , like for a 21st birthday. I saw some of these at a shop in Round Top, Texas. Very cute idea! Wish I had some of the old paintbrushes I threw away ...

I love the wall mounted paint brush organization. It's easy to see each brush and they would dry well after cleaning. LA CUISINE DE L'ARTISTE

basic brush strokes painting | Heinz Jordan Artist Brushes