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Lady of the Night Illustration and poem by Don Blanding, c. 1935 This Night I see a luminescent trail Of powdered stardust, faint and pale, Across the sky, like moths in flight. A crescent moon of phantom white Is tangled in the filmy veil. My heart responds with quick delight, I greet the Lady of the Night.

The man in the moon, Looked out of the moon, Looked out of the moon and said: It's time for all children on the Earth, To think about getting to bed!

The Moon; Oh my gosh, I'd LOVE for this to be painted somewhere... with some stars... *sigh*

apocketfullofposies: s3r3ndipity: sweetvanillaavalanche: iamdamn: (via yourdeafeningsilence, gatekeeper)

rosebiar:adorablelife:evies-what-i-love:my-ear-trumpet: lauralovesart:livinginreverie:fairphantom:whisperinglion:zasu:isabellepacheco: Moon and June by Shannon Stamey

“We all shine the moon and the stars and the sun...we all shine on..." - John Lennon

I want love to be simple. I want to trust without thinking. I want to be generous with my affection and patience and love unconditionally. It is easier to love a person with their flaws than to weed through them. I want to love the whole person, not parts; and this is how I want to be loved.

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