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Calming Jar- Tell the child that he/she needs a break and may return when everything has settled to the bottom of the jar. Perfect

Calming jar-tell child that they need a break and may come back when everything has settled to the bottom - I think I love this idea. Better than a simple time out for temper tantrums. some days I think that I need a calming jar.

Collect up dandelion wishes to use in you're spells.This is a wonderful way to use magic with children. When they're sad simply take out a wish and blow it to be carried away. You could use a simple spell like this; Dandelion wishes grant for me, All that I wish for,so mote it be! ~Lady Spring Blossom~

Capture dandelion wishes in a jar. These wishes just wait on a shelf or kitchen counter until a sad child needs some love and encouragement. This cheers children any time theyre sad–and it makes me happy just to see the dandelion puffs resting in wait

De simples bocaux en verre phosphorescents grâce à de la "Glow Paint" en vente notamment ici : http://fndeco.com/en/search?orderby=position=desc_query=poliglow

Do It Yourself: make a glowing jar for Christmas. from panka with love: Glowing jar project - varázslat a lakásban (EN/HU)

WE LOVE THIS. It's called a "Calm Down Jar" and it's filled with glitter. Children shake the jar to get their frustrations out and then they’re asked to wait until the glitter has all settled in the bottom. By the time the glitter settles, hopefully so have they.  To make, just fill 1/2 of a jar (preferably plastic) with glitter (maybe a color they like) and the rest with water. Screw lid on tight and you're all set!! WE KNOW SOME ADULTS THAT COULD USE THIS!

Calm Down Jar - A creative approach to time-out. Child first shakes the jar to get their frustrations out, then they're asked to wait until the glitter has all settled on the bottom. That's when time-out is over. The kids can even make the timeout jar.

Calm Down Jar but use plastic just in case. I have made 3-4 of these for kids in my practice for home use.

Time Out Jar. The goal is that when they are feeling out of control, they shake the jar, then sit and watch the glitter settle in the water. When the glitter settles, they can get up. A more positive spin on time out. Adults can use Time outs too.

what a cool idea.. I could totally do this, very easily in my (future) classroom!!

for hand sanitizer! LEGOs suspended in a liquid soap dispenser. Fun to put out at a LEGO party or everyday use in your kids' bathroom! I'd probably search for a cuter dispenser, maybe more geometrical, but still such a cute idea!

diy-foldaway-cardboard-box-playhouse i like this for the baby what do you think Lyana? we could decorate it cute!!

DIY Fold-Away Cardboard Box Playhouse

Food colored rice

Put rice in 5 different solo cups then you can make the that way as well also our kids had fun with putting them back in 10 min every day my two older ones separated the rice and they glued it to page (Bottle Bag Sensory Play)

34 trichotillomania toys

34 trichotillomania toys

Calm-down & time-out bottles: Fill a bottle full of water. Add one bottle of glitter glue & ultra fine glitter. Send this bottle with your child to timeout - to watch it settle and calm him/her. Once the glitter has settled, time-out is up!

the calm jar! fill a jar with glitter and water and when a kid gets upset, tell them to shake the calm jar and stay seated until all the glitter settles at the bottom. great idea!

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A Calm Down Jar. Shake the jar and the child has to watch the jar until the glitter settles. What is a mind jar? It’s a jar full or glitter glue, glitter and water. Swirl it around and relax while you watch the glitter fall to the bottom of the jar.

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How to Build a Simple Shadow Puppet Theater (with simple foam stickers) make Krsna puppets

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