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    Cayenne Pepper and Anxiety

    by Jonathan McLelland
    Anxiety is your body’s natural response to physical or emotional stress. The National Institute of Mental Health says anxiety can be used by your body as a coping mechanism, but if your anxiety levels become uncontrollable, or if they begin to affect your daily life, you might have an anxiety disord...
    • Katie Buehler

      How to Dry Cayenne Peppers - My cayenne plants are going crazy this year, so I think I'm going to have too many to use them all fresh

    • Andrea W.

      How To Neutralize Red Pepper In Food | LIVESTRONG.COM

    • Casey Wilson

      How to dry chili peppers indoors in over

    • anthsar

      How to Dry Cayenne Pepper & Avoid Mold | LIVESTRONG.COM

    • Alexis King

      How to Extract Oil From Hot Peppers

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