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Make your own Red Pepper Flakes with your garden fresh cayenne peppers.

How to preserve peppers! Excited to do this with all my farmer's market peppers. Also shows how to dry them and make chili paste!

how to dry red bell peppers(sweet) to make flakes

Hot Peppers!

Red Pepper Jelly by foodiebride, via Flickr

Black-eyed Susan vine - you must plant one of these in your garden this year - it's the vine that keeps going strong all summer long

Visual guide to peppers

Don't be skeered now. It's just a pepper.

Red Pepper Jelly. Photo by * Pamela *

I RELISH Our Friendship FREE tag Printable and Pepper Relish Recipe

All-Natural Homemade Taco Seasoning -- Takes only MINUTES to make! | RachelCooks.com

crock pot

how to can roasted red peppers - great for next time jimmy lowe's has a great sale on them!

How to pipe a Flower on a Cupcake!

Sweet Chili Sauce-Great dipping sauce for eggrolls, and other appetizers.

Mango Red Pepper Salsa: If you've never made your own salsa, it couldn't be easier — just dice up everything, stir it in a bowl, and allow the flavors to mix and mingle in the fridge. Calories: 68 per serving Fiber: 2.7 grams Protein: 1.2 grams

Cayenne Pepper Greats: Delicious Cayenne Pepper Recipes, The Top 99 Cayenne Pepper Recipes by Jo Franks

Considered an invasive weed by some, Purslane is a nutrition powerhouse: full of omega 3′s, one cup of purslane contains 400 mg of alpha-linolenic acid, and 2,000 IU’s of vitamin A. It is also high in calcium and potassium. It is a great addition to your raw food diet.…if the “purslane” you have harvested has a milky white sap in it, throw it away. It is not purslane but something called spruge. It is poisonous.

Rachel Ray talked about how you should make your own taco seasoning because the stuff you buy in stores is full of sodium(and it has silica in it, which is like the little packet found in new shoes that says DO NOT EAT!). This is just full of flavor. Simply spices! 1 T chili powder, 1 T ground cumin, 1 T garlic powder, 1 T onion powder, 1/4–½ T crushed red pepper