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    How to preserve peppers! Excited to do this with all my farmer's market peppers. Also shows how to dry them and make chili paste!

    Hot Peppers!

    Black-eyed Susan vine - you must plant one of these in your garden this year - it's the vine that keeps going strong all summer long

    How to Grow, Use and Preserve Serrano Peppers (they're quite yummy fresh!! I reccommend!)

    Visual guide to peppers

    how to root hydrangea cuttings ~ I'm going to try this as soon as my baby grows up! Can't wait!

    Cayenne Pepper Sauce

    crock pot

    Make your own Red Pepper Flakes with your garden fresh cayenne peppers.

    Sweet Chili Sauce-Great dipping sauce for eggrolls, and other appetizers.

    Salted Pretzel Caramel Brownies...........I am going to make these!!

    Considered an invasive weed by some, Purslane is a nutrition powerhouse: full of omega 3′s, one cup of purslane contains 400 mg of alpha-linolenic acid, and 2,000 IU’s of vitamin A. It is also high in calcium and potassium. It is a great addition to your raw food diet.…if the “purslane” you have harvested has a milky white sap in it, throw it away. It is not purslane but something called spruge. It is poisonous.

    Cayenne Pepper Greats: Delicious Cayenne Pepper Recipes, The Top 99 Cayenne Pepper Recipes by Jo Franks

    Cut the bottom off a plastic pot to contain invasive plants & bury in the ground. I have been doing this for a few years & works great for containing plants that tend to spread, but that I still want to plant in the garden. This also works good for planting a plant in an area that tends to get filled with roots etc. from other plants. I will use a larger pot so that the plant can spread it's roots and grow deeper roots, but keeps other tree roots from choking out the one I planted.

    The Rusted Vegetable Garden: How to Oven Dry/Dehydrate Cayenne Peppers from the Garden (In Pictures)

    Square foot gardens in raised intensive beds are ideal for growing peppers. They like to be planted close together, one per square foot. When mature their leaves should touch. If you fertilize them you’ll get lots of leaves and very little fruit, so just plant them and keep them weeded and they’ll grow like crazy. Mid season an application of wood ashes around the plants can help stimulate a second blossom production. If you can make yourself pinch off the first few peppers when they reach...


    Can Your Own Beans (Dried)

    indoor plants: love the bulbs in jars