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I wish because I lost my best friend, my dad, to cancer

I lost my grandpa when I was 10 from lymphoma. Lost my great grandmother from lung cancer. And my best friend has lost multiple aunt's from breast cancer

i am against it

From STOP Bullying project. Glasses are nothing to be bullied about. Stop bullying! When I was this girls age I had glasses, I was never bullied for it though. This little girl is sooooooo adorable and I think she rocks the glasses

Please pray for this baby

LOOK: Ridiculously Good-Looking Surgery Baby Captures The Internet's Heart

who was born with a heart condition that required surgery. After his mom snapped this photo, he's been crowned the "ridiculously good-looking surgery baby" all over the Internet. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Powling/Lowell Sun)

I'm gonna try it!

I'm just pinning because of the level of insantity in this picture. I believe these are the Magcon guys? I see Nash Greir lol

Jaz jaz, Mea mea, Joy joy, Trinity, Nana,

Frases sobre Energia Positiva... Para só atrair coisas boas

My best friend is the weirdest person alive and always make me laugh and she is beautiful. My other best friend is crazy smart and beautiful and my other best friend is amazing and beautiful- Kailee

Im just curious... who r my friends? *Gets no likes for three months .again*

Pssssh,no real friends. I have my demons.>>> ❤️ everyone has died in there own way

They make my life whole

Yes I would go into a burning building and save my friend even if I die doing it

Repin counts as over fourteen friends if it's on a group board with over fourteen people http://ibeebz.com

Just pin it, you don't have to send it to 14 friends. unless of course you have 14 friends then by all means send it to them

Flex Friday! Were did real friendship go⁉️

Awesome Quotes: Fake Friends vs Real Friends is my real friend acctualy my best friend in the whole world!

I miss Talia.....but the truth is that , all ppl do have real hearts, just some ppl don't want this kind of stuff on their boards. And it's totally understandable.

I know all of you have a heart. Even the ones that don't repost. Please everyone just pray for ppl with cancer because it's honestly so sad. Please repost, but if you don't you still have a real heart. EVERYONE has a real heart.