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Beautiful feathers by D.S. Brennan

Feather Collection Fine Art Nature Photograph Print - Five Feathers op Etsy, €

feather print

≗ Feathered Nest of Hope ≗ bird feather & nest art jewelry & decor - feather print

DIY: Feather Print

lemmemakeit: feather printing with Pico. Why couldn't you lay a feather on a scanner and run off stationary, envelopes, etc? I thought this was what they did but the instructions were too involved for me.

ne pukha, ne pera...

Feather by Maureen Shaughnessy Guinea fowl feathers float around in almost every room of our house.

≗ Feathered Nest of Hope ≗ bird feather & nest art jewelry & decor - feather art journal

Now Chintz of Darkness exists firmly in reality but many of its rooms, corridors and passageways are only accessible by a journey through a.

Feather art work - 5 Feathers - from original watercolor painting - black and white bird feathers - giclee artwork - Modern art

Nordic feather art work - 5 Feather print by Annemette Klit - from original watercolor - north boho bird feathers - giclee artwork

Amy Hamilton, is a graphic design student from Canada has created these beautiful digital illustrations that I can only describe as being 'dream-like'. The choice of color and her technique

Beautiful and Dream Like Illustrations by Amy Hamilton


Some wise words on day find us on the Dharma Fair for our collection and jewelry by "let me be as a feather. Strong with purpose yet light at heart able to bend. And tho I might become frayed able to pull myself together again.