~ sweet lock & key, would make awesome jewelry or hang off a hook etc

wow, gorgeous!


Key and lock


Lock & Key

When you love somebody so much, it can't ever be kept a secret. Something so beautiful should be exclaimed with elation from the roof tops and NEVER locked away in a box. Love always swells up and overflows.


Love the lace.

Great vintage display idea for wedding reception on program table or guest book table

Vintage Keys

Love old pocket watches, you know, most of the good ones can be repaired for fairly reasonable costs.. #watch #pocketwatch #gousset #montre #pattern #steampunk #dieselpunk #victorian

Vintage Décor ● Details

keys to where

key and lace

Parcel Gilt Silver Scent bottle ~ France, 1850


Vintage keys $3.00

Antique Lace Curtains