Pink Hyacinth

Hyacinth - these babies are my favorite! Anytime I pass by one, I always have to stop to breathe in its gorgeous scent! A small garden with varied colors of hyacinth is a real treat for the eyes and the nose.

ดอกไม้ ต้นไม้

My favorite flowers. Hyacinths smell like spring and Easter and remind me of my mum.

Helmililja mix - Viherpeukalot

MUSCARI Grape Hyacinth Muscari Delft Blue Mixture from Netherland Bulb - Photo © Netherland Bulb Company

flowersgardenlove:    Azure Grape Hyacinth Flowers Garden Love

Azure Grape Hyacinth - bloom - my favorite - great color, earliest, does not last long - end - fertile flowers are bell-shaped, not constricted and pale to bright blue; only a few sterile flowers which are smaller and often paler blue;

flowersgardenlove: Pink Hyacinths. Flowers Garden Love

Love the simplicity of these floral arrangements! Great Flower Arrangement color me Pink Hyacinths sound garden: songs in the key of life

Muscari grape hyacinth.

(Muscari) Grape hyacinth is bulbous perennial. Plant in full sun or part shade in well drained soil. Flowers in early spring.