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moonrise kingdom

Top 12 great Moonrise Kingdom quotes,Moonrise Kingdom Director: Wes Anderson,Stars: Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward, Bruce Willis This is my record player. It works with batteries. I like stories with magic powers in them.

Maria Antonieta

Marie Antoinette movie still with Kirsten Dunst. Sofia Coppola France, French, Versailles, Let them eat Cake, Paris.

Wes Anderson point of view

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Wes Anderson.

Wes Anderson on-set Moonrise Kingdom, Photographed by Niko Tavernise. Moonrise Kingdom was a great movie!

Otra forma de ver Moonrise Kingdom

Otra forma de ver Moonrise Kingdom

We talk to Wes Anderson and his music supervisor Randall Poster about the sound and vision behind their latest film, Moonrise Kingdom. Poster design by Ibraheem Youssef.


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