How to make ties out of ribbon, perfect for wrapping groomsmen gifts!

How to tie ties... good to know for the next time Patrick needs me to tie a tie............. bahahahahahaha

DIY Shirt & Tie Gift Boxes

This website puts your words, favorite song lyrics, vows, ect into a picture

Cute wrapping idea!

Father's Day gift!!...take the pictures with the letters | ohh me gusta mucho esta, sacarle a O fotos con las letras, hacer un collage n una foto y canvas. aunque seguro prefiere un par de zapas

creative gift wrap

This cute add-on to your centerpieces is totally DIY! To create these photo frames, remove the back of picture frames and glue them together. Place a flameless candle in the middle to illuminate the photos. (Love this idea)

Groomsmen gifts

Mrs. Necklace... might be a little wedding gift to myself!

A surprise beer cake waiting where the groomsmen get ready. hello AWESOME idea!

Skip the ribbons and bows. Make presents playful with these three super-fun ideas: Sweet Surprise Top gifts with cupcakes made from mini liners and pom-poms. Easy Street Create a road using black and white tape, then stick a few Matchbox cars in the lanes with removable adhesive putty. Darling Decorations Cover a gift box in colorful party supplies like streamers and confetti.

Cute gift packaging

Picture Ribbon and photo gift wrap

traditional anniversary gifts...I always wonder what each year is! This could be fun.

Gift-wrapping ideas

Old t-shirts turned into package "ribbons".

button-covered box

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Make a digital video into a photo-flip-book! What a great gift idea!