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10+ Fun and {Easy} Terrarium Projects

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The photo - micro Album of the creative handmade DIY

Adorable Mini Terrariums in magnetic spice containers. Maybe do as ornaments???

Wood Base Terrariums. Perfect if your house is tight on space or a cute eco-friendly wedding favor.

Drawing showing the layers of rocks, charcoal, and soil in the terrarium, along with plants, and a small garden gnome.

Lightbulb Terrarium | 14 DIY Plant Terrarium Ideas | Mini Terrariums You Can Make Yourself see more at http://diyready.com/14-diy-plant-terrarium-ideas-mini-terrariums-you-can-make-yourself

Miniature Pink Lotus Water Lily Terrarium

Terrarium are a simple and cost effective way to breathe new life into a room and add greenery.

DIY Mason Jar Terrarium Art


Shaking Things Up After you spice up your dinners, bring a little of the same to your shelf through a collection of recycled spice shaker terrariums. Ashley from 7th House on the Left made these for A Bullseye View using empty Archer Farms herb jars—perfect for a quick hostess offering or project with the kids.

11 best terrarium plants: 1. peperomia caperata ‘variegata’ 2. cryptanthus bivittatus 3. arachnoides simplicior ‘variegata’ 4. pilea involucrata ‘moon valley’ 5. selaginella kraussiana ‘aurea’ 6. tillandsia stricta 7. acorus gramineus ‘minimus aureus’ 8. ophiopogon planiscapus ‘nigrescens’ 9. asplenium bulbiferum 10. saxifraga stolonifera 11. fittonia verschaffeltii var. argyroneura

Mini glass vials with living plants (moss).

Terrarium DIY: Turn an Old Soda Bottle into a Miniature Rainforest!

Miniature Garden in a Pot

Tutorial : Make Mini Todstools for your Fairy Garden : www.themagicOnions.com


succulent terrarium. I could keep the few plants I brought back from California