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Japan's robotics venture Cyberdyne employees wearing a robot-suit known as HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) walk on a street in Tokyo

3ders.org - Watch Amanda Boxtel walk again with first 3D printed hybrid exoskeleton | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

HAL Robot Suit, Robotic Exoskeleton Gets Safety Green Light #robotics #innovation #engiNERD #geriatric

Powered Jacket: First Commercial Exoskeleton To Be Released In Japan #technology

Vision X LED Shoe Kit Will Make You Walk On Light #technology

Japanese Company To Launch One-Man Electric Helicopter. I want one!

Japanese robot expert Hiroshi Ishiguro unveiled female cyborgs at the National Museum of Merging Science and Innovation. They will be on display for visitors to interact with. Ishiguro’s robotics are the latest confirmation of the uncanny valley hypothesis, which posits that humans find discomfort when robotic and animated humans approach a natural human appearance. Ishiguro—who’s previously designed his own doppelgänger robots—hopes that robots will soon become a part of everyday life in Ja...

C-Smart Solutions: As we ditch cars to get around, new technology can making going car-free even cooler! The Sidewinding Circular Skates are a modern hybrid of skates and skateboard.

Ekso Bionics' exoskeleton used to let paraplegics walk [ EducatorHub.com ] #technology #education #hub #personalization

Musculoskeletal Humanoid Robot Copies Your Muscles | FuturisticNews.com | Terminator robots are not just a flight of fancy anymore. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have designed a “musculoskeletal” humanoid robot that simulates the body of a 12-year-old child...

Wireless, Wearable mouse sweet!

NIXIE - Wearable Camera Drone (video).....(I heard that if you fly mini drones at dogs they get caught in their coats and you will be hated for life...BEWARE not to do this to your beloved pet! :) Pretty flipping cool huh!!

The Remote Controlled Robotic Bull Shark - Hammacher Schlemmer

This robot design is.... great.

Tech & Gadgets Rex, the robotic exoskeleton, aims to make wheelchairs obsolete Creative TUMBLR Users Check Out: http://pop-solutions.tumblr.com

Exsoskeleton armor gives superhuman strength to regular people and paralyzed people the ability walk. #tech #technology #gadget #atechpoint

boston dynamics - Google Search

Top Ten Robots That You Never Knew You Wanted

SunCharger is an incredible 3 in 1 device that can be used as a power supply, battery and a solar charger.

Woah!! The Sand Flea... a robot that can jump 30ft in the air!