Popular Rock Garden Design People rarely think of the rock garden. Rock garden design, but not only looks great, but it actually is true.

rocks garden with blooming plants

Rock Garden Design Tips, 15 Rocks Garden Landscape Ideas

rocks garden with blooming plants

Indian Hill Boulders can be beautiful landscape pieces

Waterfalls are already stunning water features, but decorative stones can add a rugged element that makes them appear more natural and visually engaging.

A dry creek bed offers a soothing, natural look in a garden. Design with a few gentle curves and a mix of rock sizes for a garden feature you'll love year-round.  step-by-step instructions

How to Create a Dry Creek

How to project: make a dry stream bed . This dry stream bed looks so natural, you'd think it had always been part of the landscape. But it can be created by nearly any DIY-savvy homeowner.

A beautiful smooth lawn always looks perfect against a vertical-built rock garden. Great look!

Beautiful Lawn big Rocks and Perfect mix of Plants Ideal Backyard Garden . Great idea for substituting a retaining wall.

I can see this !

A pondless waterfall saves space and reduces workload. If you would like a water feature in your yard but would rather skip all the cleaning and algae removal and what not that goes with a pond check out this waterfall how to from Backyard Design Ideas.

Yard rock garden small

7 Tips for Beautiful House Exterior and Yard Decorating with Flowers and Plants. I love this rock garden.

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