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Rory Gilmore wearing a white gown... It's deb ball time on Friday Night Dinner! We talk about how amazing they look on this week's podcast. fridaynightdinner...

I never watched this show, but as mothers day is coming up, seeing this made me realize that this was true for me too. my mother is the person i looked up to growing up, and the person i most wanted to be like. and im not sure she ever knew that. I still look up to her to this day :) everyday i say or do something that makes me think " Jeez, that sounded just like my mother..." and i have to smile :)

Haha funny# Gilmore #Girls quote! Free Pinterest E-book (Get loads of followers) pinterestperfecti...

This link contains a list of all 339 books referenced in "Gilmore Girls" - pinning now, reading later

Should have gone on for 2- 3 more seasons. This would have done great.. I hated after watching on Netflix--

This goes under "My Boyfriends" because in my mind- I'm Rory ;)

Logan and Rory - I know they didn't end up together; but in my head, they did...unless Jess came back...

Cute hair, cute sweater, cute nails, gtfo of here Logan hissss Community Post: The Definitive Ranking Of Rory's Hairstyles On "Gilmore Girls"

Rory: It's not what you said it's how you said it. Logan: And how'd I say it? Rory: Like Judi Dench.