Josh Hutcherson. Only repin if you have known him before hunger games

Katniss <3 Peeta

Laughing way too hard, more than I should be.

They're all plants....and then there's peeta

Though I Hate the Hunger Games with a passion, this is too funny not to repin

Hunger games.


This new Disney character: | 27 "Hunger Games" Puns You Can't Help But Laugh At We all had it coming

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I don't know why I am laughing so hard!! wait..... YUM

Um... intentional? I think yes.

Just watch it until the end, Hahahahahahaha

I have both legs so fuck you guys....

This is why I love Jennifer Lawrence!

Well... my mind is blown


Oh Jen.

Josh & Jen having fun on set :) 2/2 behind the scenes of Catching Fire ♥

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