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    peeta ♥

    Suck it, Katniss.


    Peeta and Katniss's son


    They're all plants....and then there's peeta

    'Set Fire to the Bread' by Peeta Mellark

    Gotta love hunger games humor


    She's my favorite person ever!

    Funny Pictures - 45 Pics

    Poor Gale.

    Love me some Josh.

    Oh Josh and Jen :) it's a regular party anytime they hang out :D

    wait a second

    josh hutcherson will date me! XD

    Proving how nuts the hunger games fandom is!! I'm not quite that nuts... Only over Peeta!


    Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence. This is why I love them:) Josh wih the mockingjay quote. That's just unspeakably cute :)