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Early spring makes me think of baby farm animals! #farmanimal #farmanimals #socalfair #southerncaliforniafair #socalfairperris #southerncaliforniafairperris #perris

Hannah Solman - Alpaca Wool. Alpaca do not require insecticides, are very self-sufficient, don't eat much, and rarely get ill. This all contributes to their wool being very eco-friendly! The fabric will almost always need to be imported, but to make up for this, it is very long lasting. They are also very cute.

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Community Post: 15 Cutest Pictures of Baby Pygmy Hippos

hippios kill more people ever year than sharks, I can live with that.

Swimming piglets. SWIMMING PIGLETS! (Baby pigs are so cute!!! But when they grow up, they are absolutely hideous.)