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BREAKING: Duracap Labs Owners INDICTED on Steroid Charges (John Wesley Houser, Beny Mesika) This case involves the spiking of Superdrol in two supplements in 2012-2013, but will likely turn into far more than that. Duracap Labs is the manufacturer behind a substantial number of the SARMs on the market, as well as questionably labeled ingredients such as Orchilean. #DuracapLabs

There has been lots of bad press for the supplements industry lately. From news of the FDA ordering the destruction of one item carried by GNC to rumors that some other popular workout supplements have off label ingredients like steroids & amphetamines.

Ghost Supplements: A New and Edgy Lifestyle Brand Started by industry veteran Dan Lourenco, Ghost Lifestyle​ is the electronic dance music brand in an industry full of heavy metal and classic rock. In the future, they'll be opening their formulas up 100%, and we'll be analyzing each one. We just wish they were in some of our stores! #GhostSupplements #GhostLifestyle

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3 Questions To Ask Before You Start Taking Supplements

3 Questions To Ask Before You Start Taking Supplements! Recently, Wal-Mart, GNC and Target were all served cease-and-desist letters by the New York state attorney general’s office, asking them to stop selling their store-brand supplements after an investigation found that not only did they contain several ingredients not identified on their labels as an ingredient, in many cases the herbal supplement itself was not actually present. The case brings to light some of the major problems in the…

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Miracle healers

Miracle healers (#vitamins & #supplements): America is the industry’s honeypot, supplement sales reached $25 billion, Supplements boast a unique trifecta: lax regulation, potent marketing and millions of credulous consumers keen to pin their hopes of a healthier life on a pill

You can expect a whole lot more pharmaceutical drugs to flood the market for all kinds of new conditions, many of which will likely be fabricated to boost profits. Could this recent ruling set a new precedent for what defines free speech for the supplement industry as well?