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i couldn't help myself

I know the "Hey Girl" memes are silly. Ryan Gosling can "Hey Girl" all he wants.

Let’s face it, everyone has seen these somewhere and tried a version whether knit or crochet. Couple years ago, before I found Ravelry, I saw a knit pair and tried to make it in crochet. Many attempts by trial and error have led to these notes. (Many attempts that probably could have been avoided if I had found Ravelry earlier.)

DIY: crochet baby Converse (free pattern) I need someone talented to make me these in red. A mini version of mine, to cute.

Ryan Gosling sewing table. . . .Let's give it a try !!!!!!!

Valentine's With a Sewist - Or How to Be Like Handmade Ryan Gosling

I don't even get Ryan Gosling but this is hilarious. My sewing table isn't sturdy, but my cutting table? Oh yeah baby.

Normally I don't go for this particular meme but this is PERFECT!

Handmade Ryan Gosling No, I don't have a thing for Ryan Gosling, but this is hilarious.

How to be Gangsta

I thought this sounded SO gangster that I decided it was worth a pin! “ Saying “and shit” after anything can make it sound gangster. For example: “I like to crochet, and shit” Via someecards ”

If anyone ever saw my craft store receipts . . . BTW - this is who I picture when I think of Christian Grey, and he so looks the part in this pic (except I don't think Mr. Grey would approve of the wrinkled-because-they-are-fresh-out-of-the-package curtains).

The Ugly Sweater: Hey Girl . I don't think he could possibly have found ALL of my Michael's receipts. And even if he did -- he still hasn't found the JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby ones.

7 Free MUSTACHE Crochet Patterns

7 Free MUSTACHE Crochet Patterns

This is me. I have enough patterns and yarn for projects for the rest of my life.  Ooh! Yarn!

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: What do you mean I have enough yarn? Have you seen my Pintrest boards? It's like you don't even know me anymore!

Crochet Funny

I have about 30 unfinished projects at the moment. shhhh Crochet, Knitting and Fiber Humor

Bobblicious baby hat....great for girl baby shower gift!

this website has lots of cute baby patterns free Alli Crafts: Free Pattern: Bobblicious Baby Hat