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Venus Figurines: 1 Willendorf (Rhine/Danube), 2 Lespugue (Pyrenees/Aquitaine), 3 Laussel (Pyrenees/Aquitaine), 4 Dolní Věstonice (Rhine/Danube), 5 Gagarino no. 4 (Russia), 6 Moravany (Rhine/Danube), 7 Kostenki 1. Statuette no. 3 (Russia), 8 Grimaldi (Italy), 9 Chiozza di Scandiano (Italy), 10 Petrkovice (Rhine/Danube), 11 Modern sculpture (N. America), 12 Eleesivitchi (Russia); 13 Savignano (Italy), 14 “Brassempouy Venus” (Pyrenees/Aquitaine), 15 Hohle Fels (SW Germany).

Amy Brown Fairie Fantasy Art | amy brown the-green-fairy fairy watercolor original art painting ...

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Hand of the Mysteries - Alchemy symbol of transformation

Palm reading using astrological means.

400. At five o’clock the day staff of the hospital went home, and an entirely new staff arrived for the evening shift. We were still in the district of Dannersville, a very poor district, and so the night staff consisted of just one person, and elderly black woman.


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What Does Your Palm Reveal About Your Personality?