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using small water balloons and tissue paper then I filled them with candy and toys and sealed them shut. The egg can hold a surprising amount of candy and the tissue paper seems delicate making for a delightfully heavy and yet fragile object, much like real egg. Also like a real egg you have to break the shell to get at what’s inside. I like things you have to destroy to open. By Megan.- not martha

How to make papier-mache Easter eggs. Cute craft project for kids to play with.

This is probably my favorite spring craft, ever!

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Glow Bugs: Get a small flameless LED tealight and place it into a plastic egg. Use a thumbtack to poke holes through the egg to insert the pipe cleaners. Draw a pair of cute little bug eyes onto white sticky labels. Finally, sculpt wings using duct tape.

Pretty Banded Easter Eggs        After dyeing Easter eggs, give them the must-have accessory of the season -- a quick and stylish band. Cut a 1/2"-wide strip of patterned paper long enough to wrap around the middle of an egg. Use a border punch on the band edges for a fun design, and adhere the ends using white glue. Attach an adhesive paper flower to the band for an extra dose of spring cheer.

Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Ribbon Easter Eggs - 80 Creative and Fun Easter Egg Decorating and Craft Ideas

Albanian eggs for Pascha! INCREDIBLE DETAIL!

Crafty collection of over 50 + Fun Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Most of the links have instructions for the projects. Silk Dyed Easter Eggs Botanical Découpage Eggs Sharpie Doodle Easter Eggs Some look for Easter eggs fabric covered .

I love the glaze on these eggs.  The colors and the patterns on the eggs are also amazing! #Eggs #Easter

Easter egg decorating every year is a way to celebrate the Easter holiday or springtime. Traditionally, Christians gather on Easter Sunday to celebrate Christ’s wounds. This Easter egg decorating tradition was accompanied with dyeing eggs [.

For a more minimalist approach to the ubiquitous dyed Easter eggs, we’ll be taking a white (nontoxic) pen to organic brown eggs. We just love the pared-down approach!

DIY: Paint natural brown eggs with a white paint pen - such a great Easter idea! Or Steve's blue chicken eggs