200 lb person 60 Minute Walk X 5 days a week Walking at a fast pace (3.5mph) for 60 minutes= 410 calories burned per walk Great website to figure out how many calories you're really losing when you exercise!

Do you use Apple Cider Vinegar? Do you know its many benefits?http://healthandwellnessdigest.com/apple-cider-vinegar/

Weight Loss is not just about looking good!

How Soda Impacts Your Body (can I just print this and hand it out to people who ask why I don't drink soda?)

11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You Sick And Fat | The Mind Unleashed

Because not everyone has to be a runner ...

She has a ton of meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Not to mention a huge list of different types of salads!

Find Out The Reason Behind Why Women Have A Harder Time Losing Weight Than Men HERE #fitgirls #fitness #health #motivation #fitlife #weightloss #exercise

Fitness Walking is a safe way to lose weight and tone up in the fresh air. Follow our three-month fitness plan: no expert tuition required!

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"If you have symptoms like fatigue, skin issues, weight gain, weight around the middle, trouble sleeping, always sleeping, PMS, endometriosis, infertility, PCOS or other issues, chances are you have hormone imbalance!"-a must read article :) quite interesting....

Sometimes the best cure is the natural one. Check out these herbs and their benefits #natural #medicine #herbs

Walking boot camp

walking/ running outside :)

The Happiness Effect of Exercise - Infographic

This is nice to know! And a great reminder :)

10 tips for weight loss! Make Copy Of The Poster. Great reminders here. #health#diet