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The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow, and what will the robin do then? He'll sit in the barn and keep himself warm, and hide his head under his wing. Poor thing!

Eloise Wilkin-from Baby's Christmas 1959. My favorite illustrator of children's books.

Dancing with daddy- would be very cute to do a photo with daughter dancing with daddy at a young age, and then another at her wedding, and then frame them side by side for a present for daddy (or the bride)!!!

We smile at our babies and talk to them. Mommy says this is the way our babies know they are the most wonderful babies in the world. Eloise Wilkin

Eloise Wilkin. This was one of my favorite pages in one of my favorite books when I was little. Does anyone know the title of this book?

Eloise Wilkin's artwork in books we read early on. The images reminds me of you children wearing snow clothes to bed because the house was so cold at night.

The Golden Years Of Eloise Wilkin- i have always loved her pictures. went to a party at the alumni house and they had this book on the mantle. apparently she lived there for a while. was the granddaughter. neat.

Eloise Wilkins. my favorite picture from the Prayer Book

this is totally my small girl right now: silly hair and endless collections

Love Wilkins illustrations.....and a little cake : )