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    • Jane Brown

      cute animals Bizarreawesome halfalbino peacock - Amazing!

    • Jacki Long


    • Lynn Portillo

      Half Albino- Imagine a white peacock feather.

    • Mary Weaver

      Half albino peacock. So Unique a beautiful bird

    • Nayeli Hernandez

      Pavo Real semi_albino.

    • CritiQ's Palette

      Half Albino Peacock- Often referred to as an albino peacock, it is nothing of the sort. It's technically a white peacock which is a genetic variant of the Indian Blue Peafowl. The colors in the feathers of a bird are determined two factors: pigment and structure. its unusual lack-of-color is due to a missing pigment. This missing pigment is dark and absorbs incident light, making diffracted and interference light visible.

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