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white infinity tattoo

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Love, infinitely.

tiny lotus on foot

Want an infinity tat but with my kids, husband, sister, mother and grandmothers names....

get a #tattoo design #tattoo patterns|

This would be a great "in memory of" tattoo...without names/initials (that you need to worry about adding to if you lose someone else) it can be just in general, but I like this phrasing more ""They are not dead who live in hearts they leave behind" -Robert Orr

I absolutley love this(; Except I would get it on my foot... :)

Believe...I really like this!

infinite love tattoo

infinite love... My tattoo idea if I ever in my life were to get one!


With faith comes hope <3 really like this one

white ink feet tattoos

another sister tattoo idea beautiful-tattoos. wonder if steph would be down...

“agape” means unconditional love in Greek..

this too shall pass. This is exactly what I want, and where I want it for one of my future tats.

"one step at a time" foot tattoo